1st Saturday Concerts

The First Saturday Concerts series is our forum for presenting regional, national and international folk artists. Folk enthusiasts can enjoy a guaranteed variety of various folk forms, as we have carefully designed the series to ensure that traditional, contemporary and bluegrass/blues categories are fairly represented each concert season.


Most First Saturday concerts are held at the Congregational Church of Huntington, 30 Washington Drive, Centerport (at the Eastern border of Huntington off Route 25A), in the church sanctuary. Check on the concerts pages to verify the venue for each specific concert.

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1st Saturday Events

  • Sat, Oct 6th, 2018 7:30pm
    at The Congregational Church of Huntington
    Patty Larkin, a performing songwriter with 14 recordings and more than 30 years of touring to her credit, redefines the boundaries of folk-pop music with her inventive guitar wizardry and uncompromising vocals and lyrics. Her live shows continue to wow audiences with her imaginative wit, writing and guitar artistry. She has been described as “riveting” (Chicago Tribune), “hypnotic” (Entertainment Weekly), and a “drop-dead brilliant” performer (Performing Songwriter).

    Recently an Artist-in-Residence at Berklee College of Music in Boston (from which she also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Music), and now on the faculty at of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, Patty reflects: “I have been energized by the poets, writers and artists I have met while teaching, and I find myself on a journey to break down some of the predictable pathways that songs can travel.” Her 2018 release, Song Poems, reflects that. She describes the album as “a collection of poems I have spontaneously, organically set to song.” That process has inspired Patty in her own songwriting and has reignited her love for the sound of words. “The act of making music from poetry has been a very joyful one,” she says. “And what a beautiful thing it is to make a joyful noise.”

    Her Oct. 6 concert will be Patty Larkin’s second appearance for the Folk Music Society of Huntington.

  • Sat, Nov 3rd, 2018 7:30pm
    at The Congregational Church of Huntington
    In the long rich history of Family Groups in American Roots Music, the Chapin Family has a special place. Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter and guitarist Tom Chapin shares the stage with The Chapin Sisters, the singer-songwriter duo of Tom's daughters Lily and Abigail. In this rare joint performance the acclaimed family will sing their own original and traditional songs, as well as classics by Tom’s brother, the late Harry Chapin. Both groups will perform music from their new albums, “At The Turning Point” by Tom Chapin and “Ferry Boat” by The Chapin Sisters, released this spring.

    The New York Times calls Tom Chapin “one of the great personalities in contemporary folk music.” In a career that spans five decades, 26 albums and three Grammy Awards, Tom has covered an incredible amount of creative ground, maintaining two long and productive parallel musical vocations, both as a respected contemporary folk artist and as a pioneer in the field of children’s music. Tom won the 2018 Best Male Artist Award from the International Acoustic Music Awards.

    Making music that The New York Times praises as "tantalizingly close to beauty," The Chapin Sisters carry on a proud family musical legacy. Since 2005 the sisters have garnered critical acclaim by forging a distinctive musical imprint in which they "wed lilting voices, dynamically complex vocal harmonies, and folk-influenced melodies to dark, wryly sarcastic lyrical content," notes Amazon.com in an editorial review.